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From students admission to invoicing -everything is packaged in one powerful school management system.

Developer Support Ready

We provide dedicated developer support available at any time to address any technical issues or customization needs promptly without hampering day-to-day operations.

Easy Customization

The workflow of Acmoschool can be comprehended easily allowing users to modify and adapt the system to meet specific needs without extensive technical knowledge.

Best Quality at the Lowest Price

Acmoschool provides the best quality features at a competitive price making it affordable for every school who are looking for comprehensive management solutions without a hefty price tag.

Sibling Management

This feature eases the process for parents having more than one child in the same school by providing a single-parent account where they can find information about all their children.

Database Backup / Restore

Backup and restore options are available for the entire database, ensuring the safety of data as well as its recovery in case of any data theft or data corruption incident.

Online PayPal Payment

Acmoschool offers modern, digital payment methods like PayPal so that parents can pay their child's fees either from the comfort of their home or any other place without visiting the school every month.

Manual Payment

The system includes the capability to take manual payments in cash, cheque, or Demand Draft (DD). This flexibility accommodates various payment preferences, making it convenient for parents and administrators.

Admission Management

From the submission of the admission form to student enrollment, this feature helps facilitate the entire admission process. It manages admission properly by handling inquiries efficiently, tracking applications, and managing their associated documents.

HR Management

It covers everything to do with human resources management, including recruitment, payroll, leave management, and staff performance appraisals, ensuring better workforce management and higher efficiency.

Health Management

The Health Management module houses the complete health records of students, schedules regular health check-ups, and manages medical emergencies. It can store information on allergies, vaccinations, and ongoing treatments.

Alumni Management

Alumni Management module helps schools stay connected with their past students. It manages alumni records, organizes events, and facilitates networking opportunities.

Asset Management

Asset Management helps identify school assets, including furniture, equipment, and teaching aids. Proper maintenance and management of school assets reduce losses and enhance the utilization of resources.

UHF Attendance System

UHF Attendance SysteThe UHF Attendance System uses RFID technology to achieve accurate and efficient student attendance tracking. Students carry RFID cards, scanned automatically when they arrive at or depart from the school premises.

Tally Integration

The software can easily be integrated with Tally for accounting. This helps schools manage their books of accounts, keep track of expenses, prepare all necessary financial reports, and ensure compliance with accounting standards.

WhatsApp Integration

Schools can quickly and effectively send notifications, reminders, or updates to stakeholders using an inbuilt feature of sending messages on WhatsApp. This ensures better engagement and a more connected school community.

Vehicle Tracking System

Helps check the current location and movement of school buses at any given time. It ensures the safety of students during transportation, route optimization, and tracking of vehicle performance and maintenance.

Barcode System

This system assists in library and inventory management using bar coding technology. Books, supplies, and other items are barcoded and can be checked in and out, inventory levels tracked, and resources adequately managed.

Biometric System

The Biometric System enhances security and attendance management through fingerprint or facial recognition. This ensures access to the premises by authorized persons only and accurate attendance recording for students and staff.

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Payroll Management

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